• Develop a “vision” for the event.
  • Research other events and seek out high quality vendor candidates.
  • Meet with City’s Special Events Coordinator.
  • Create the program.
  • Develop budget.
  • Secure site.
  • Apply for all other permits within the required timelines.
  • Develop marketing / advertising / promotion plan.
  • Follow appropriate rules and regulations for event in accordance with the appropriate city and state guidelines.
  • Draft all contracts, booth, supplier and sponsor agreements and create vendor and merchant applications.
  • Determine event insurance needs.


  • Book All (Professional) entertainment for each festival stage.

  • Hire high quality professional sound company.

  • Secure staging & stage cover for each festival stage.​

Children’s Activities/Kiddie Rides

  • Provide young children with a variety of rides, inflatables and activities.  
  • Provide older children with more exciting rides/events.


  • Arrange for all necessary festival equipment at the best possible price including but not limited to: Canopies, Umbrellas, Port-a-lets/portable Sinks, Weights, Tents, Roll-Offs, Tables, Barricades, Chairs


  • Assist Board with soliciting new sponsors.
  • Neighborhood Association
  • Work with the Neighborhood Association to insure that all neighbors’ questions and concerns are answered and addressed.

Vendors / Food & Crafts

  • Mail Out All Vendor Applications following a strict timeline.
  • Follow up on any and all new vendor application requests and questions.
  • Alert vendors of necessary permits/check for updated sales tax licenses.
  • Prepare vendor presentation for “Jury” and Oversee “Jury” Process.
  • Attend City run Special Events and food vendor meetings.


  • Work with sponsors and Sign Company to print all necessary festival signage.
  • Ensure all signs are displayed when and where required along various streets and on the festival grounds before and during the event and make sure all signs are removed after the event.

Fire Department

  • Identify all food vendors that require special permits
  • Meet with the Fire Department to “pull” all necessary fire permits.


  • Secure off-duty police officers for daytime patrol during festival hours.
  • Hire a professional security company for nigh hours.


  • Ensure the necessary petitions are signed and submitted on time.


  • Ensure all necessary permits and licenses are secured on time such as, but not limited to: Public Works, Environmental Health, Fire Department, Excise & Licenses, Revenue Department Police Department

Site Plan

  • Develop and design festival layout completing a comprehensive Site Map showing all aspects of the festival and following a strict accessibility plan for vendors, guests and emergency vehicles.  Also showing the First Aid Station, Port-a-lets, Headquarters/Information booth and Handicap Parking.

  • Festival site marking and layout prior to the event.


  • Identify needs
  • Recruit
  • Training/Supervision/Rotation
  • Write letters of recommendation for all deserving high school volunteers.


  • Coordinate pre event street and gutter cleaning with the City.

Clean Up

  • During event
  • Post event
  • Waste management company
  • Solid waste
  • Waste 
  • Water/grease disposal.

Going Green

  • Recycling and composting

Event Development


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