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I was born at the end of the year between the years 1949 & 1951 in the then small town of Red Bank, New Jersey.

Through elementary and middle school I took home several musical instruments believing each time that the current instrument in hand was the one that was going to bring me fame and fortune.  I was convinced that this would all take place because I was “deserving” and not because I was planning on working for it.   For example, I blew into my trumpet until my lips hurt (about 3 to 5 minutes).

I strapped on my accordion and after pulling and pushing for a while (again about 5 minutes) this became boring.  
The guitar was more fun because when I was too lazy to learn a new chord I could always play “air” guitar, however I found that that never helped me master that instrument either. Needless to say being a musician was not in my future.  
Oh, and I can’t sing either.

When I got to high school, I found myself gravitating to kids who could play musical instruments and who were in or starting a band.  As I got to know the band members better I realized that I could do something easily that most of them had trouble doing, and that was to "sell" them, in other words to get gigs.

So that’s what I did all through high school, I managed and booked bands.  What a life!
In 1969, after high school I got a summer job at The Garden State Arts Center (now called the PNC Bank Arts Center) in Holmdel, New Jersey.  I hooked up with two other recent high school grads and we set out to make our mark…well at least to park a few thousand cars, we were after all, parking lot attendants.

Not more than a month after starting at the Arts Center we started becoming more and more curious about radio and TV advertising we were hearing and seeing talking about 3 days of piece and music in upstate New York.  Well, the three of us each had a strong love of music, driving a few hundred miles to get to this festival sounded like a lot of fun and add camping to the mix and this was going to be the best adventure ever.   It was…as well as life changing.  We arrived in the rain early on Wednesday August 13, 1969 and left in the mud after Jimi Hendrix performed on Monday morning August 18, 1969.  A farmer with a big old John Deer tractor, pulled a dozen or so other cars out of the mud first and finally got to us, and unlike the love… the tow wasn’t free.

I moved to Colorado in the early 70’s and attended college.  I didn’t do much with bands but I did have a friend who was a professional DJ and he taught me a lot.  In 1993 I left the corporate world and started Golden Berg Promotions & Entertainment and I have been DJ’ing ever since (as well as working with “live” entertainers and putting on events and festivals).

I have grown, changed and adapted musically over the past 20 or so years, but it is time for me to get back to my “musical roots” and start concentrating on playing the music that I grew up with and love.  For me that would be baby boomer music, tunes from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s.

So here I am, at your service, to take your requests and to play for you some of the best dance and party music ever recorded.  Call DJ B Boomer today at 303 763-5757.

About DJ B. Boomer

Hi, from one baby boomer to another.